Andrew Frith

Australian born, I have lived and worked on 5 continents over the past 30 years and have been involved in the creative media fields for more than 25 years.

I got interested in photography at about the age of 12, I had a 35mm film camera and a friend had a darkroom where I was able to learn some of the basics of printing. I read alot and bought lots of photography magazines to teach myself what I needed to know.

In my 20’s I dropped out of university and relocated to Tokyo. Started a career in digital media as an animator and paintbox operator for a Japanese digital studio. I was pretty much constantly on the computer in those days, and so my still-photography fell by the wayside for awhile. 

From the late 80's thru the mid 90's I was part of a video/performance art group called Hyperdelic Video. Hyperdelic was based in Tokyo and then San Francisco. During that time, Hyperdelic produced and directed both live-video VJ performances and music videos for many of the musicians and DJs that were part of the early acid-house and electronic music movements. I also worked closely with many in the alternative/underground community in the United States, including Tim Leary during this time, producing videos and real-time Vj'ing during Tim's lectures and public appearances.

Later I co-founded a digital agency business back in Australia. Around this time I started getting interested again in fine art photography and especially historic alternative processes like wet-plate collodion, platinum/palladium, albumen and others.

I remained exclusively an 8x10 inch large format photographer during this time and was a founding member of the now defunct Contact Printers Guild that had a lot of great photographers involved.

After 15 years I left California and moved to London for several years. Unfortunately my large-format gear was stuck in storage back in California and so I eventually bought myself a digital SLR.

After London I moved to Peru to be with my sweetheart Mellina. We lived in Lima for awhile and we are now based in Australia and Peru.

I recently recovered some of my large format gear back from California and brought it back to Australia so am now re-building my camera systems and hope to get back into alternative processes soon. For the moment, mostly shooting digital but film is still a big passion.